Many men despise wearing ties. They don’t wear a tie because they want to; they wear a tie because they feel like they have to. They wear them out of a sense of obligation and only feel like themselves once the tie is off.

Men who do not like wearing ties should consider that there are professional and elegant alternatives like the ascot. An ascot is a sash or scarf and it is named after the horseracing track Ascot Heath in England, where these scarves became popular in the19th century.

An ascot can be worn with either a formal suit or a more casual blazer. During the day, it should be tied up in the collar. The top button does not have to be closed. At more formal occasions, the collar should be buttoned all the way and the ascot should be tied and clipped with a pin. A vest completes this look. It can be worn with tailcoats, tuxedos, or frockcoats. An ascot should be a solid color like white, silver, or burgundy for formal occasions or patterned for casual look.

The ascot is an old style that is just starting to return. It is a perfect substitute for a tie and can match any shirt of jacket. A man who wears an ascot is elegant and unique and stands out among other men who wear ties. Ascots convey individualism, good taste, and aesthetic sense.