Corduroy is a cotton fabric that is used to make pants, skirts, jackets, and outerwear. It is warm and soft with a particular texture.

Corduroy pants are casual and can be part of an everyday outfit for informal occasions. They come in all colors, although black, navy, brown, and tan are the most popular colors. What kind of corduroy you should wear depends on the setting and the weather. They can be a good alternative to jeans or trousers for a casual outfit. Thicker corduroy is better for cold days, whereas in the spring you can wear a lighter material.

Corduroy can also be made into jackets. They are as soft and comfortable as a sweater, but they look much better. You should not wear corduroy pants and a corduroy jacket together because it will be too much of the patterns. If you are bigger, you should not wear heavy material because it will not be very slimming.

Corduroy clothes need special care. You should always hand wash them or at least turn them inside out in the washing machine. Hang them to dry rather than using a machine dryer. If you need to iron them, turn them inside out. The texture of the fabric will cover up most wrinkles. Corduroy that is damaged looks inelegant and should not be worn.

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