Have you already prepared and sent your Easter greetings cards? No?
Probably you are not the only one. Nowadays, we simply send an email, sms or post a general wishes on Facebook.

While sending traditional cards might seems to be obsolete, it still is a nice gesture and surely puts a huge smile on the recipients face. If you do have family members, friends or business partners that you especially care for, make a list of this year recipients and follow the tips below.

1. Prepare a list of people to whom you want to send cards
2. Make sure that you have current addresses (to family, friends and acquaintances cards are send to their home address
3. Buy good quality cards and envelopes
4. Handwritten wishes give them a more personal touch
5. Alternatively sign  personally each card ( if you have printed greetings cards) and hand-write recipient and return address on the envelope

Remember, cards sent to family members and friends should not contain titles, and should be signed with names
only. If you send a card on behalf of the couple or family should sign the names of all the children ( Mary, John, Caroline and Stanley )

If you send greetings to those in mourning , select the appropriate card, avoid flashy or humorous cards in favor of more subtle ones.

If the recipient does not celebrate Easter (a person of another religion or non-believer ), simply send seasonal greetings on the card without elements of Easter or remove the person from the list.

Be sure to insert the card into the envelope in such a way that the front sheet was visible after opening the envelope.

And finally … send cards in advance , so that recipients receive them before Easter!