Handkerchief is a piece of men’s clothing, which can signal that you truly have style. It is a small thing, but it really completes an outfit. It allows you to experiment with colors and express your individual nature.

A handkerchief, also called a pocket square, is a piece of fabric that is between 15 and 20 centimeters wide. It is now only used as decoration rather than as a function object. In the past, material like silk or linen showed the owner’s status. Today, handkerchiefs are made of many different materials. Silk is best for formal occasions, where cotton or wool are best for everyday use.

High quality handkerchiefs are hand-made. The edges of the fabric are hand-rolled and secured with broadly spaced stitches. Make sure that the label or monogram of designer or producer are not visible.




Handkerchiefs should harmonize with other elements of your outfit and complete the look. If you have a colorful tie, a solid handkerchief that compliments one of tie colors is best. If you are wearing a striped or patterned shirt, choose a plain handkerchief or one that color is the same of the stripe. Using multiple colors and patterns requires good taste and can be difficult.

If you are unsure, choose a white handkerchief, which is the most universal color and style. The only exception to this is rule is if you are wearing shirt in off-white, like ivory or ecru, white pocket square makes the shirt looks dirty.
Other good colors include yellow, grey, or pastels because they are easy to match. A man should have two or three handkerchiefs in neutral colors to easily match with any outfit.

Men who wear handkerchiefs are perceived as more stylish. The more elegant the man, the more attention he pays to details. Wearing a pocket square allows you to add color to an outfit.You don’t need to limit yourself to formal occasions or office wear. Pocket square looks great with tweed jacket and also adds the flair to more casual outfits.

Pocketsquare casual


There are many ways to wear them. Americans prefer to fold handkerchiefs (pointed fold), whereas Britons put them in the pocket in a more artistic way (flair fold). My advice: put it with the attention and wear it as you forgot about it!

5 tips to wear handkerchief

– White pocket square works with most outfits
– Choose pointed fold for business and flair fold for a more relaxed look
– Pick a color that matches either the shirt or tie
– The more formal the occasion, the more conservative your pocket square
– Wear pocket square for casual jacket to add a flair to your outfit