A monogram is a symbol that is based on letters and is used as decoration. It usually represents the owners’ initials. Monograms first came about when people needed to mark objects with the initials of the owners. They have been used since ancient times, but experienced their most widespread popularity during the Victorian era. It showed that people were fond of having personalized objects, but it also came to be associated with snobbery.

Monograms fell out of fashion because of mass manufacturing and the prevalence of brands. Today using a monogram shows that you are an individual and have something that is unique to you. You may put a monogram on personal items like stationery, pen or briefcase. Some exclusive brands offer this service to its clients free of charge.

The most common use of monograms for men today is on custom-made shirts. It shows that the shirt was made for you by a tailor and demonstrates that you care about detail and an individual approach to clothing. Most tailors offer embroidery services to put monograms on your clothes. However, it can also be seen as ostentatious and an unnecessary luxury. But I like to think, that is is better to wear your own initials, than those of the tailor.

Monograms can be added by hand or by a machine in any place on a shirt, but they are usually on the cuffs, pockets, collars, or lower edge of the shirt. Monograms in bright colors or those on the cuffs are the most ostentatious. Most monograms are subtler and can only be seen by the owner of the shirt. They are in the same color as the shirt or are in a hidden place.

A tailor made shirt shows sophistication and good taste, but you don’t need to be ostentatious about it. A monogram will compliment your outfit and symbolizes the uniqueness of your clothing.

Guidelines for creating a monogram for men.

Monogram consist of an initials of name and surname or names and surname.

Monogram guidelines