Appearance is always a topic that comes first when talking about an image. So today I have two announcements for you. If you are looking for an inspiration to change or refresh your style, check out the Style Gallery now!

My goal is to bring the best looks to your attention, the looks that stand out, that carry a professional message. Depending on your profession, you may aim for a strictly business look or more relaxed, casual one.

I will be updating the gallery frequently, so please visit the page regularly to find new looks and inspirations.


Style gallery


But if you feel you don’t have defined style yet, or you need professional advice to achieve a specific look, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you with a shopping experience.

I visit male fashion shops in on a regular basis, to look for garments and accessories that best compliment professional look, and I can serve you with my advice. For more information on style for men, please read related articles.