When choosing a shirt, a gentleman should also pay attention to the details like:

  • Collar style

There are many kinds of collars. They can be straight or rounded, narrow or broad, high or low, and without or without buttons. There are also specialty collars, like the mandarin collar, which does not require a tie or bow tie, or collars that require a special pin or chain.

When wearing a straight and narrow collar, you should use a single knot tie, like a straight knot or a Kent. With broad and thick collars, you should wear thicker knots like the Windsor.

Good shirts will have collars with openings where you can put stiffeners to help keep the shape of the collar straight and stiff. Better and more solid stiffeners are made from metal or mother of pearl, while cheaper ones are made of plastic. Do not forget to remove the stiffeners before washing.

  • Sleeve length

Shirts can have a short sleeve which ends before the elbow or a sleeve which reaches all the way to the elbow. A short sleeve can be straight or have a cuff, while a long sleeve always has a cuff. Short-sleeve shirts are less formal and should not be worn during business meetings, but they are appropriate in a more casual setting under a sport jacket without a tie.

  • Cuff type

Cuffs can be single and straight and have one or two buttons. Cuffs can also be double with buttons or holes for cuff links. A double cuff with pins is particularly elegant and looks stylish.

  • Other style elements:
    Some shirts look best with a pocket square, which can be square or diamond shaped. Other things to look for include decorative buttons and complimentary seam colors.