Suspenders used to be a popular men’s accessory. Like a belt, they held up pants and were a necessary part of any outfit. Suspenders have been used for more than 300 years, but in 1822 Albert Thurston created the modern design that we still use today. Over the last one hundred years, belts have gradually replaced suspenders because they are easier to manage.

Even though they are rarely worn, suspenders are still a classic piece that never goes out of style. Larry King is a perfect example of someone whose trademark look includes suspenders. Gordon Gekko made suspenders an iconic part of the stockbroker look in the movie Wall Street.




If you wear suspenders, you do not need a belt. Pants made for suspenders do not have belt loops; they have buttons on the inside instead. Suspenders that are made with clips are more casual, so you should always look for suspenders with buttons. They should be made of leather or silk, not elastic or other cheap material.

Suspenders should always be matched to the rest of your outfit. They should not be the same material as your tie but rather a complimentary color or pattern. If you are confident in your style, you can match your suspenders to the color of your socks.