Brown suit – how to wear it?

Why are so many people reluctant to wear brown? In the past, brown was a color worn by the lower classes because it didn’t get dirty very easily. Brown is common in English tweed, which is used for horse riding and hunting. Traditionally, black is designated for formal events where navy and grey were best for business events.

Brown has never been a popular color at formal events or in business meetings. Many people associate brown with coziness or homelieness, which is the opposite of power colors which project authority and strength. Brown is a traditional color and people who wear it are seen as unlikely to break with tradition.

If you wish to wear brown, keep it to weekends and social events. For business meetings and other professional gatherings, you should wear navy, gray, or black. When wearing brown, choose a cooler shade like chocolate instead of a honey or brass color. Wear a white or pastel shirt and a coordinating tie. Colors that match well with brown include dark green, burgundy, or beige.

Sport jacket vs. suit jacket

It may seem like all jackets are the same, but there are big differences between a blazer, a suit jacket, and a sport jacket.

A sport jacket has nothing to do with tracksuits or t-shirts. The term sport jacket came about because gentlemen used to do sports like horse riding and hunting while wearing them. A sport coat is less formal that a suit coat.

Sport coats are usually made of wool, tweed, or more exotic fabrics like corduroy, cashmere, or velvet. It usually has two to three buttons and can have a texture or pattern.

The cut is similar to a suit jacket. An American style jacket is has one cut in the back while a British style jacket has two cuts and a continental style jacket does not have a cut.

A sport jacket that is matched with nice pants and a shirt is a good for business casual events. For more informal occasions, a solid navy jacket can be paired with jeans or chinos and a colorful shirt. Sports jackets are not appropriate for formal meetings and parties.