In the spring, it is great to replace heavy winter coats with light spring coats. It also means a return to colors, not just in nature but also in our clothes. A trench coat is wonderful for spring. It is as classic as a black dress or a white shirt. Trench coats were created in the late 19th century, after Thomas Burberry invented gabardine, a cross woven wool fabric that resists wind and water. They were originally made for the military, which is why today they still retail elements like epaulettes or D-rings. Trench coats were also used in expeditions to the South Pole and Antarctica.

Trench coats initially became popular after the First World War and have only gotten more popular since then. Classic trench coats are beige or black, but today you can find them in any color or pattern. A classic trench coat also has a belt, but it can be clasped or tied. Leaving the belt hanging free makes you look sloppy and should be avoided for any professional functions. Likewise, removing the belt is also a bad idea.

Trench coats are universal and can be worn day or night and for both social and business occasions.