Summer is a great time to look at your wardrobe and refresh it a bit for the season. Your thick woolen suits and double ply cotton shirts should be replaced with light garments and thin fabrics. Warm season is also a great time to wear bright colors and you should not be afraid of having few cheerful elements.

If you aim for a more classic look, wear bold colors and choose for plain fabrics or very small patterns. If you prefer a more relaxed style and your job doesn’t require formal look, then you may want to experiment with floral patterns and colorful fabrics.

Below some examples how you can coordinate your spring look with pastel colors. Mix and match the color of your shirt, tie and pocket square to achieve a new look for every day. All you need is a classic gray two piece suite, three cotton shirts, few ties and matching handkerchiefs. You may also wear a white shirt for a polished look at any time.

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