End of the year is a time of looking back and summarizing achievements and making plans for the New Year. It is the time of Christmas parties, awards giving evenings and company speeches.


If you are the one to deliver a speech, here are a few tips on how to create an ultimate speech.

Think about the following:

  • speech structure
  • speech content
  • the message


First of all, your speech has to be structured. Make a list of the points you want to deliver. Start with general information and then go into details. Do not overload your speech as people usually remember 3 to 5 key elements. Keep it short and to the point.

You may thank the employees for their work, mention some results and achievements, name a few people to give them recognition. You may also mention some problems and issues, but show how you overcame them or what plans you have for next year to improve.

Remember your speech should have clear opening, body and closing.

1. Opening – the reason for the speech
2. Body – important information, achievements, mentions and recognitions
3. Closing – summary and plans for future

The content of your speech is what needs to be communicated. Choose a few important areas to cover and make sure you deliver it in a positive spirit.
Don’t be shy to share a personal story, to share your thoughts with the people. Use empathetic words to create an atmosphere of a very special evening.

The message, is the key element of your end of the year speech. This is what you want to get across to the people and something you want them to remember. It is important to be inspiring and motivating whilst at the same time showing confidence so others will share your confidence and enthusiasm.

You may consider making your speech less formal, bringing some humour. Be careful to use it in moderation, not to distract from the message.

When recognizing individuals or giving awards, make sure you make some personal remarks about each person, but also find a way to recognize the team and those who enabled the success as well. Make your speech memorable and inspiring!