It seems like there is nothing special about socks. They are just something you have to wear and they don’t really matter. However, this minor detail can ruin any outfit if the choice of socks is not given proper thought. There are a number of things to consider when buying socks.


Socks should match your shoes or pants. White and colored socks are best for sports or other informal events. Dark colors like black or navy are best for formal occasions like business meetings. For casual pants, you should wear brown shoes with brown socks. With a gray or black suit, you should wear gray or black socks. This is the safest option, but you can also coordinate sock color to the rest of your outfit. Socks are inexpensive, so you should always have a pair in the color you need.


Plain socks will always match your outfits, but they are also not very exciting. Small details can make socks more elegant as long as they don’t compete with the rest of the outfit. If you have patterns in the rest of your outfit, you should wear plain socks because you don’t want to overdo it. Traditional sock patterns like argyle can match with other elements of your outfit like your tie.

Socks coordination sample


For thicker winter suits, you should choose thick socks as well. For more casual events, you should wear thinner socks. The more formal the occasion, the better quality sock you should wear. Things like tuxedos need special knee socks and you should choose a high-quality material.


Socks for sports are usually short and go with sneakers and trainers. For casual outfits, you can wear ankle length or longer socks. For formal occasions, you should wear longer socks. Longer socks keep your legs covered if you are sitting down with your legs crossed.

Socks lenght


Socks can be made of many fabrics. The most important quality of a sock is that it fits your foot. The heel of the sock should not be bunched up in your shoe. You also need to consider the width of the sock so it comfortably fits on your leg.



Socks are an important part of your daily outfit, especially if you are in a cultural situation that requires you to take off the shoes, like visiting a mosque.

If your socks have holes, you should throw them away and buy a new pair to avoid the embarrassment that Paul Wolfowitz, President of World Bank had to face, when photos of him taking off his shoes when visiting a mosque in Turkey, made to the front pages of daily newspapers.