Ever wonder how some men look good with such a little effort? The key to timeless elegance are bold classic pieces in your closet that will make you look and feel good. Having those is a base for every outfit, that can be accessorised with a stylish seasonal elements. Tips on how to achieve timeless elegance below…

1. Invest in timeless pieces – your watch and other accessories should be of a high quality and last for years

A good watch, should be a highlight of your look. If you want it to serve you years invest in it. Choose a renowned brand, quality materials and classic look with dark leather strap. Please note metal bracelet is considered less elegant and you should not wear it for formal occasions.

Have some elegant accessories like pen, wallet or business card holder. You may want to personalize those items, many high class brands offer this service at their shops (some, like Louis Vuitton, offer this service free of charge).

2. Choose outfits that are classics, you will wear them for more than a season

Fashion is what is served four times a year, style is what you choose from it, and you should always choose what suits best your body shape and lifestyle. Do not try to blindly follow fashion trends, rather choose a few pieces to give your wardrobe a fresh look for a season. Choose classic shirts and suits and have fun buying some seasonal accessories like ties, pocket squares, scarfs that you can easily replace every year.

3. Have good quality outwear

Every gentleman should consider having a thick woolen coat for winter and a light trench coat for spring and autumn. Those two pieces, if of good quality and well looked after, would serve years and with small additions of hat, gloves and scarfs can make a bold statement.

4. Have few pairs of great shoes

Whoever said you can recognize a gentleman by his shoes – was right. Attention to the details is what distinguishes a gentleman from just a well dressed guy. Buying a good pair of shoes might be pricy investment, but it will pay off in the comfort of wearing and, if well taken care of, would serve you long without loosing its look. Have at least a few pairs of dress shoes in black, gray, navy, burgundy or dark brown to compliment your outfit. Remember to match color of the belt and choose the right socks to complement the look.

5. Own a formal dress set

For formal occasions, gala dinners, award presentations and those announced on the invitation as ‘black ties’ a formal dress is required. Having your own set is the best option, as it will be tailored to your body type and you will feel much more confident.

Elements of black tie are a suit, usually black wool with the jacket lapels and trouser braid of silk or other contrasting material, a white dress shirt, a black bow-tie, an evening waistcoat or cummerbund, and black dress shoes.

And last but not least… have confidence – this never goes out of fashion

Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence. If classic wardrobe doesn’t appeal to you, add your own pieces that will give your look a fresh, stylish twist. Invest in good quality¬†classic pieces and feel free to update your closet every now and then to¬†stay current with fashion trends.
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